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Black seed oil (Nigella sativa) and its thymoquinone are effective against breast cancer and other malignancies

Black  seed oil  (Nigella sativa) can be a safe, cost-friendly and  effective adjunctive therapy for breast cancer and other malignancies. Notwithstanding the lack of clinical trials data, there nonetheless is  evidence that does support the claim that  black cumin seed

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New Research: Selective Cancer Hyperthermia via Gold Nanotubes with Controlled Length and Near-Infrared Absorption.

One of the continued challenges of cancer therapy is the high recurrence rates of tumour development after surgical removal. Chemo and-or radiotherapy is often given following surgery to prevent this, but these treatments cause serious side effects including new cancerous

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Checkpoint Inhibitors at 120k a round: the limitations of conventional oncology’s “immunotherapy” research.

As the ASCO meeting last year finally concluded, (See our post on the ASCO meeting), immunotherapy is one of  the most scientifically exciting research fields, if only because it remains one of the most long term safe and efficient pathways

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Copper chelation.

Copper chelation can be an indicated technique. Copper Chelation       

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A Few effects from Conventional Allopathic Lymphoma Treatments

After surviving lymphoma allopathic (conventional) treatments, patients should be on the lookout for both short and late term effects. Some of these symptoms can occur years into a patient’s remission.This list is not exhaustive. This post is intended as a

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Milk promotes prostate problems

Previous studies have associated higher milk intake with greater prostate cancer (PCa) incidence, but little data are available concerning milk types and the relation between milk intake and risk of fatal PCa. We investigated the association between intake of dairy

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Broccoli and Malignancy

There is a saying that contrarily to  cabbages,  broccolis went to grad school.  Along the way, they picked up quite a baggage of therapeutic punch, including but not limited to anti-cancer phyto nutrients. Nutritional science evidenced  that broccoli veggies are

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Follow up on oncologists being paid for promoting pharmaceutical drugs

When the Voice of America host, Dr Gordon Atherley asked me yesterday (July 28th 2014)  what was my experience with the medical profession’s opinion on holistic oncology,  I responded as follows: To my knowledge, outside of genuine conventional scientists, just

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Scientists from the Dana Farger cancer center confirmed the routine of “chemo pushing” for the “benefit” of advanced cancer patients

Scientists from Dana Farber cancer center found that more than 80 percent of people with advanced colon cancer and nearly 70 percent with advanced lung cancer thought chemo could cure their disease. Many of these patients were elderly. And all of

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This year’s ASCO meeting confirmed the success of Holistic Oncology’s scientific backbone on the activation of the innate immune system. Finally…after over one hundred years since advanced and holistic medicine experts have proven this important piece of the cancer puzzle.

Finally, in addition to the focus on the destruction of the symptom (the tumor) without doing much to address the causes, cancer experts and researches at the American Society for Clinical Oncology’s (ASCO) Spring meeting, (one of the biggest fora

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Breaking news in cancer research and in the cancer epidemic reversal process

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