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Ten years later, allopathic oncologists still do not address CTC and metastasis pathways

It’s been over to ten years that mainstream science discovered one of cancer’s mechanisms for spreading  from a primary site to other distant places in the body. Yet, contrarily to integrative and holistic oncology,  most metastasis pathways are not addressed

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A new U.S. Supreme Court ruling impacts Holistic health and Big Pharma

In yet another US Supreme Court ruling delivered early April of 2014  (cf McCutcheon vs Federal Election Commission - 12-536 (2014)),  a slight majority of the Federal Justices allowed corporations even more unrestricted access to “legitimate” bribery via campaign donations, that

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French Parliament Bans GMO corn   To activate link, please click Title  

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Breaking news in cancer research and in the cancer epidemic reversal process

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