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BELJANSKI team:  Sylvie Beljanski, founder of Natural Source is Dr Mirko Beljanski daughter who became a French  attorney in order to  victoriously fight  the French legal system via the European Human Rights Court to vindicate her right to have her father’s integrative cancer approach and dignity partially recognize.  Dr Beljanski of the Pasteur Institute, a prolific DNA researcher, used an original approach that included African and Brazilian plants to activate genetic anti-cancer pathways. Many medical doctors in  Europe and a few in the USA continue to use the Beljanski approach, which was the one used by former President François Mitterand that helped him survive his metastatic cancer by 12 additional years. Dr. John Hall, who we also interviewed, is Silvie’s medical research director who contributed in the Documentary, as he did in a NBC TV Show by noting  the selective cyto-toxic impact of  Beljanski’s botanical extracts in destroying chemotherapy resistant cancer cells.
BEST, Billy:   A cancer survivor (from Hodgkin’s lymphoma), Billy has been cancer free for nearly twenty years.  Author of  The Billy Best story:  beating cancer with alternative medicine, Billy fled home in 1994 after he began chemo treatment for Hodgkin’s lymphoma. During his journey,  he skateboarded, lived his life and eventually found two cancer alternative techniques, the first, called 714X,  from a French biologist Gaston Naessens, who fled to Canada to avoid French persecution  and the second, from a Canadian nurse (the Essiac herbal tea). According to Billy, both these treatments with some lifestyle modifications saved his life.
BERKSON, Burton: A former Professor of Medicine, medical doctor (and director), a researcher, innovative scientist and an inthusiastic promoter of holistic and integrative medicine, Burt has his own clinic he shares with his son in New Mexico and treats auto immune diseases, copd, cancer and other ailments with integrative and holistic medicine. A prolific author, he has outstanding clinical results with many chronic diseases and has exerted magnificent efforts upon the mainstream ideological medical system for change. It is in this perspective that he contributed in the Documentary, by stressing the importance of lifestyle medicine and supplementation, how these techniques can be useful for the reversal of chronic diseases in general and cancer in particular, including tough cancers like pancreatic malignancies. He also contributed by confirming the financial bias of medical schools and hospitals. When he showed that he was successful in regenerating human organs thanks to inexpensive holistic science, his clinical findings were not well received.  Like many other holistic and integrative physicians of integrity have learnt,  the un-written rule is to teach and practice medicine in a way that will be profitable to the pharmaceutical, medical and political institutions of mainstream America.
CHRISTNER, Laurie.  After having been diagnosed with Paget’s breast cancer of the nipple, her oncologists offered surgery to be followed by chemo. Determine to find an alternative treatment, Laurie was able to reverse the malignancy process holistically. As the documentary shows, this was also an evidenced-based diagnosis and her rerversal progress was equally evidence-based. So this too is proof that holistic oncology works.
COUSENS, Gabriel: Gabriel is a medical doctor, homeopath,  Rabbi and founder of the Tree of Life rejuvenation Center in Patagonia, Arizona.  Author of many books on rawfoods, nutrition and diabetes, Gabriel teaches workshops, gives conferences and tours the world lecturing on the reversal of many chronic diseases, in particular diabetes. Even though he does not claim to be an oncologist, Gabriel has valued experience with the reversal of chronic diseases and it is in this perspective that he contributed in the Documentary by sharing  with us some of his insights regarding the control of cancerous cellular proliferation.
CROSBIE, Quin: Quin was sent home to die from a terminal melanoma which spread to the lungs. Determined to live as long as possible, he examined many alternative options and chose the Gonzalez metabolic approach, thanks to which his condition has continuously improved, improvements which were evidence-based.
DELGADO, Nicholas: Nick is a popular holistic PhD who has invested in get well protocols, anti-aging techniques and live plant-based nutrition. After having seen his wife die from allopathic cancer treatments, he has turned over many stones to get at what can safely work to reverse chronic diseases in general and cancer in particular, including via supplementation  and hormonal therapy. In this perspective, he has contributed in the documentary by emphasizing what he believes to be some of the key elements that both trigger malignancies and what can help to get at the root of the problem.
GERSON, Charlotte:  Charlotte, her father and son have  been at the forefront of innovative holistic cancer research. What has come to be known as  the Gerson therapy is a widely applied first-line approach to many cancers. Combining diet, juicing, detoxification and other holistic techniques, over ten thousands of patients have been meaningfully assisted. In this perspective, Charlotte, author of many books on cancer,  contributed in the Documentary by stressing the importance of Diet and detoxificaiton, in particular via the  cleaning the liver, without which, she stresses, “the body can’t heal”.
In the late 1940 and early 1950s, the US Congress invited hundreds of Dr Max Gerson’s patients to testify on his non invasive holistic cancer protocol. However, he posed a financial threat to the AMA (whose Journal, the JAMA, became a regular medium for industrial cigarette advertisement, especially Camels) and his medical license was removed, having been criticized for not using conventional  oncology, for emphasizing the cessation of tobacco and for using diet as the main therapeutic agent. Concomittantly, he was ordered to cease practicing medicine, after which he died of chagrin and-or, alleged poisoning.  Like other exemplary medical doctors, he had harmed no one, on the contrary, his results were clinically superior to mainstream oncology .
GONZALEZ, Nicholas :  Nicholas is an award-winning medical and cancer doctor and directs his own alternative and holistic cancer clinic in New York. He is quite successful at reversing advanced cancer, including one of the most challenging,  pancreatic cancer.  An innovative scientist since the start of his career over thirty years ago, he has been quite diligent in keeping tract of the evidence that supports the claim that holistic and integrative oncology is clinically superior to allopathic oncology. In this framework, Nicholas contributed in the Documentary by ascertaining the scientific validity of holistic oncology.
GORDON, Gerald: Garry is a medical doctor, (former radiologist), researcher, innovative scientist, research director and an indefatiguable promoter of holistic and integrative medicine. Besides coaching clients, promoting wellness products (electro-magnetic pulse thereapy, l’eau de Quinton, zeolites etc) and directing research, he runs around the World in search of the best medical conferences and innovative clinics  from which he can  learn new chronic reserval disease techniques. Author of many books, including on chelation of toxic metals,  Garry contributed in the Documentary by confirming the integrative and holistic oncology’s (which he calls “advanced medicine”) clinical superiority over mainstream allopathic oncology. 
GORDON, Richard:  Richard is the founder of the “quantum touch” therapy and a strong proponent of energy medicine and emotional healing. He has considerable experience with  “psycho-neuro-immunology” and it is in this field that he contributed in the Documentary, in particular by  helping us to elucidate the best emotional healing techniques for cancer.
JOUBERT, Cristian :  Former professor of public int’l law, organic farmer and naturopath in France, Professor Joubert has directed a holistic health retreat center in the Eastern Pyrénées and has used political fora to help advance holistic medicine, both  in Europe and at the gubernatorial level in Washington State. He also litigated constitutional, products liability, tobacco racketeering, medical and legal malpractice actions in the United States as well as human rights cases at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. He set up the international human rights law section of Gonzaga Law School in Spokane Wa, when Christian was a visiting adjunct Law Professor there. He was educated at the following schools: Bordeaux’s Law School, Pierre et Marie Curie Faculty of Medicine (allopathic medicine) in France, EFA in Paris  (Ecole française d’Acupuncture), clinical nutrition (Cnam) and naturopathy (Ceredor and Jus Cogens Institute), among other  educational institutions in Israel, the United States and Europe.
LODI, Thomas. Thom is medical director and founder of his clinic, “An Oasis Of Healing” in Mesa Arizona. He has recently established another clinic in Thailand.  Combining “IPT” (low dose cyto-toxic chemotherapy, if only to stay legal within the allopathic-based legal system) with many integrative and holistic techniques, including but not limited to rawfoods, super foods, detoxification, psychology and energy medicine,  Thom has become a holistic pioneer and a valued oncologist. He  contributed in the Documenatry by confirming the  power of Nature insofar as the reversal of chronic diseases are concerned.
LUKENS,  Richard: Richard  has been a medical doctor at the Newstart program of the Weimar Institute, a Seven Days Adventist lifestyle medicine and education center. With over 30 years of medical experience, Dr Lucas contributed to the Documentary by stressing the importance of the Newstart program and spiritual connection. He also confirmed different cancer reversals and  medical success stories which were holistically governed.
MOSS, Suzanne: A cancer survivor for over twenty years, Susan also decided to refuse all maintream treatments including surgery. Today, she is cancer-free. She is also an acclaimed artist. Susan’s books “Keep Your Breast” and “Survive Cancer” are testaments to how an individual can beat the odds. She is passionate about helping other patients by providing an education and awareness as well as a program that based on validated holistic protocols, see her books via click.
MUMBY, Keith: A British medical and holistic doctor who was a one of the leading practitioners in the UK for over 30 years bases his anti-cancer protocols on  hypoallergenic diet and chmeical detoxification protocol, which enable their immune systems to better fight  cancer.  Keith claims that the ” the number one cause of death is ignorance, and that if people knew more about their bodies and health issues, 95 percent of all diseases in the world would simply vanish.” page 333-4 Defeat Cancer: 15 doctors of integrative and naturopathic medicine tell you how, by COnnie Strasheim, 2011).  Keith contributed in the Documentary by stressing the importance of a  hypoallergenic diet for immune restoration.
PARRILLA, Leslie:  Leslie was offered invasive chemo and surgery, but refused. Since her refusal, she practiced holistic lifestyle and integrative medicine. In particular, she opt for hyperthermia and low dose radiation with lots of water, juicing and lifestyle changes, including lower stress, if only because stress can boost estrogen levels. Despite a breast tumor (ductal carcinoma in situ)  that went from 2.5 to 8.5 cm, she was able to eradicate it with integrative oncology and has been cancer-free thanks to a holistic maintenance regime.
SCHWARTZ, Alan:  Alan is a former medical doctor (retired) who has worked with innovative techniques in cancer, other chronic diseases and anti-aging. With his wife, he lives in the Los Angeles area and is presently researching some of the best reversal techniques for autism. Alan contributed in the Documentary by reminding us that we must have open inquisite scientific minds, trying different approaches to perfect the art of medicine, including by collaborating even with Russian scientists when it comes to dealing with chronic diseases like cancer.
ROSS, Steven:  Steven is President and Co-Founder of The Institute For Integrative Medicine. He has been practicing Integrative and Functional Medicine since 1982 and was the first doctor to develop a successful multidiscipline clinic model in the early 1980’s. He is the author of Curing the Cause and Preventing Disease; a guide for patients seeking a new and scientific method of treatment as well as for health care professionals interested in incorporating evidence based integrative treatment plans into their practices. He contributed in the Documentary by validating  integrative and holistic oncology as an innovative  standard of science, a standard which should replace the present allopathic oncology one.
SIMON, Mark: Mark is an engineer and nutritionist who has researched  different nutritional and metabolic aspects of oncology. He has established a nutritional oncology  research institute he hopes will significantly impact the cancer world with innovative nutritional and supplementation protocols, the safety and efficiency evidence of which is still pending.   Mark contributed in the Documentary by emphasizing the importance of the nutritional approach to cancer reversal.
THORP,  John:  Founder of the Thorp Integrated Medicine Institute, John and his team help are registered to treat pain with FDA approved micro-currents. After over twenty years of work in this field, John heard that the micro-current technology that he and others were using not only helped to manage cancer pain, but also in some cases led to tumor shrinkage. John attended the Institute of Oriental Medicine to study acupuncture, concurrently becoming licensed in the state of Hawaii as a massage therapist. He was hired by the Castle Medical Center in Hawaii at the Work Well Rehabilitation Center, where he oversaw 40-plus patients a day. This gave John the opportunity to prove that his specific protocols had a 90% success rate in the reduction of chronic pain. John has owned and managed medical clinics over the past twenty years.
WEEKS, Bradford: Brad is both a psychiatrist and oncologist animated with a social concern in the way mainstream medicine has been largely bought by financial interests.   In addition to psychiatry, he has worked for decades at reversing chronic diseases with integrative and holistic medicine, using alternative psychiatry techniques, insuline potentiation therapy, innovative supplementation, diet, electro-pulse magnetism and other integrative, holistic and corrective techniques. See his website via click. Rather than simply suppressing symptoms and prescribing medications, Dr. Weeks collaborates with his patients to identify and correct the underlying imbalances that are the source of their health problems. Brad contributed in the Documentary by focusing on the social necessity to impact the political system if we are to have a meaningful influence on the reversal of the cancer epidemic.
WOLFE, David:  David is a nutritionist with many other “casquettes”,  including being one of the top “rock-stars” of the wellness and rawfoods communities.  An indefatigable field researcher, David has toured the world in search of the best natural molecules and lifestyles that can help to reverse chronic diseases, including cancer. He is also passionate about longevity and conducts yearly conferences on some of the best anti-aging protocols. Author of many books, including on raw foods, chocolate and beauty, David contributed in teh Documentary by underlining the importance of  diet,  super plants and herbs in the struggle to to reverse chronic diseases and cancer.
WYNTERS, Sharyn: Cancer survivor for more than twenty years, Sharyn has written a book on the importance of avoiding toxins, “The Pure Cure: the complete guide to freeing your life from dangerous toxins”: When she was diagnosed with cancer, she also refused all allopathic treatment, including surgery and has been healthy thanks to lifestyle change and the metabolic approach to cancer as practiced by Drs Kelley and Gonzalez. Since, she has been passionate about getting the holistic message out into the public.
Dr Bergman, chiropractor, Dr. Schwelling, Phd, Dr Christine Hohner, breast cancer expert, Dr Ing, Dr Tony,  Al Sanchez, Ceo of the poly-mva company,  representing Dr Forsythes, Dr. Sandra, Annie Brandt,  Dr Pai, Dr. Ben Johnson and a few others.
Dr Rau of the Paracelsus clinic in Switzerland,  Dr Herzog (Germany). Dr Christian Tal Schaller of France. Dr Joseph Levy from France, who worked with Dr Neiper, different acupncturists, chiropractors and other medical doctors and integrative oncologists, inlcuding Raymond Chang, Dr Friedrich Douwes of the Klinik St Georg and a few others including additional patients.
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