Video on cancer’s mitotic spindling process being impeded thanks to Field Energy

Electrical Fields affect cancer’s mitotic spindling process.  In this video-ed testimony, we actually see cancer cells implode and going into apoptosis as a result of a precise electrical field frequency  gently beaming in their micro-environment. Field energy is not new in cancer research. Many interesting findings, including clinical data, have been accumulated over the decades, from Rife, Lakowshy, Antoine Prioré to many more contemporary scientists.

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The Producer, Prof. Joubert teaches how to extend a healthy cancer-free Lifespan to 122 years thanks to safe, efficient and cost friendly breakthrough protocols. Working on a documentary and book that redefines Medicine in light of new discoveries, ancient wisdoms, innovative research and holistic science, he can be nonetheless available to coach patients back to homeostasis, wellbeing & Joie de Vivre. On occasion, Pr. Joubert can also coach health professionals to better protect their holistic practice when they must deviate from outdated and-or irrational mainstream “standards of care” in order to genuinely serve their patients, evidence-strong Science and internationally recognized human rights. For details, see the links called “Contact” and “Mission” (under the “About” link).

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