Ten years later, allopathic oncologists still do not address CTC and metastasis pathways

It’s been over to ten years that mainstream science discovered one of cancer’s mechanisms for spreading  from a primary site to other distant places in the body. Yet, contrarily to integrative and holistic oncology,  most metastasis pathways are not addressed by allopathic oncology,  including, but not limited to cancer stem cells and  enzymes which are involved in tumor invasion such as cathepsins and matrix metalloproteases.

In 2005,  researchers  showed  that certain cancer cells sends out envoys to prepare the new site.

“We are basically looking at all the earlier steps that are involved in metastasis that we weren’t previously aware of. It is complex but we are opening the door to all these things that occur before the tumor cell implants itself,” said Professor David Lyden, of Cornell University in New York. “It is a map to where the metastasis will occur,” he added in an interview.
Cancer’s ability to colonize other organs is what makes the disease so deadly. Once the cancer has spread beyond its original site it is much more difficult to treat. In research reported in the journal Nature, Lyden and his colleagues describe what happens before the arrival of the cancerous cells at the new site. “The authors show that tumor cells can mobilize normal bone marrow cells, causing them to migrate to particular regions and change the local environment so as to attract and support a developing metastasis,” Patricia Steeg, of the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, Maryland, said in a commentary.
Cells at the site of the metastasis multiply and produce a protein called fibronectin, which acts like a glue to attract and trap the bone marrow cells to create a landing pad or nest for the cancer cells. “These nests provide attachment factors for the tumor cells to implant and nurture them. It causes them not only to bind but to proliferate. Once that all takes place we have a fully formed metastatic site or secondary tumor,” said Lyden. “This is the first time anyone has discovered what we call the pre-metastatic niche.”

Without the landing pad, the cancerous cell could not colonize the organ. In animal and laboratory studies,  scientists looked at how breast, lung and oesophageal cancer spread. The envoys from the tumor determine the site of the secondary site. Lyden said measuring the number of special bone marrow cells circulating in the body could help to determine whether a cancer is likely to spread. (Source)

Yet, contrarily to the best integrative and holistic oncology experts, the vast majority of  allopathic oncology professionals do not order circulating tumor cell (ctc) tests, let alone do they address these dangerous circulating cells nor micro metastasis, let alone these fibronectin proteins that trap bone marrow cells to fuel cancer’s imperial drive.  Ch. J.

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