“HOM” stands for both the “Holistic Oncology Movie” and the Holistic Oncology Movement. This movie and its movement have a center, including a Center website. This Center aims to help with relevant information sharing and the putting in place of the conditions that will contribute in replacing many of the incorrect allopathic and “alternative” oncology standards of care with holistic oncology savor-faire which is much more in compliance with safety, efficiency, cost-friendliness and science. To further this goal, the HOM center is assisted by two other blogs and web-sites. The first one is legal and structured to help protect and promote innovative science and holistic medicine. The second one is political and-or civic in nature and mandated to impact Community in the direction of an enlightened government, without which it will be too difficult to uphold “Holistic Wellbeing” as the top priority of all public policies, as the ultimate and imperative finality of Government.
Today, almost everyone knows someone close who has been ruined financially and wiped out from Life as a result of the excesses, abuses and deficiencies of the officially recognized mainstream conventional cancer treatments system based on cytotoxic and immune-compromising chemotherapy, ionizing radiation, angiogenic promoting surgery and biased science.
Not everything in conventional medicine is dysfunctional. But for much of conventional oncology, innovative and strong science suggests that for many malignancies, there are less invasive and more efficient treatment and reversal plans than what “conventional oncology wisdom” would like us to believe.
Alternative oncology can also have its problems, as too many cancer patients are led to believe that it is enough to go “natural” when in reality, a total natural approach to cancer is often insufficient. What is needed is an integrative and especially holistic approach that is anchored in strong science. This is what the HOM documentary is about.
Thanks to the HOM director’s legal and medical background, the viewer will benefit from an out of court application of the “rules of evidence”, meaning that unsubstantiated claims, hearsay, “cancer cures” that lack prospective studies etc, will be weeded out so that the viewer can benefit from the best knowledge that is currently available.
Please help us share the HOM documentary message (by clicking the FB HOM’s page “like” button) and please send this HOM link to your family and friends. The information contained in this documentary, its tentative trailer and free clips could help them to save their resources, bodily parts and lives.
Furthermore, by clicking the “like” button, you will be updated on new free interview clips, the HOM symposium while helping us to build Community, the holistic wellbeing network and its campaign, thereby contributing in reversing multiple epidemics and in helping to put an end to the thousands of daily avoidable cancer and chronic disease deaths in America.

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