Any relationship between double helix water and micro-currents ? And if yes, can this holistic technique benefit the cancer patient ?

During our investigative medical journalism, we have come across a physicist and health professionals who claim that double helix water can be beneficial for cancer patient, that drinking double-helix water could allow cellular repair enhancement by bypassing blocked “chi” energy. The ongoing hypothesis is that meridians are made up of these stable water clusters, whose blueprint origins may have been linked to the electric-based big bang life creation theory. Its action mechanism is claimed to be similar to the way magnets line up via the attractive force between their north and south poles. (ie, the north pole of the first magnet attracts the south pole of the second one and the north pole of the second magnet attracts the south pole of the third one etc). According to this theory,  stable water clusters in the meridians line themselves up in a similar way. Are these claims based on fanciful interpretations or do they have scientific validity ?  If interested, the story to this health claim can be found via mouse click. Source Depending on our research criteria, the findings of this claim, if substantiated, may be explained and published via the Documentary.
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