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Pr. Joubert is the producer of the cancer documentary-film called “holistic oncology movie”.  This documentary (whose title may later on change) shows strong evidence of the clinical superiority of holistic medicine and over the official sick-care medical system, with a focus on the flaws of conventional oncology. Therein, the documentary highlights rare clinical pearls and breakthrough tips on cancer-free supercentenarian protocols. This documentary-movie was the object of a preliminary debate in the a Voice America Radio Show.   There will also be a Documentary section on how to argue Holistic Medicine in the Courtroom, a subject Pr. Joubert has talked about publically many times.The ACR Institute will release this ground-breaking documentary film once its accompanying book will be finished and also once the ACR Institute will be stronger. Click here to view a few of the Documentary’s interviewees.

The Institute’s tentative trailer on innovative cancer treatments & holistic reversals

To view a few of the + 60 interviews the Institute has conducted with holistic oncology experts and patients, consider clicking here

Top: Among many others,  we see in this short clip Pr. Joubert’s parents dying from misguided  and costly Conventional Oncology’s practices. In this picture, Pr Joubert’s father, diagnosed with lung cancer, was preventively irradiated, in order to avoid a possible pneumonia. At the time of the radiation blast, there was no pneumonia. After the radiotherapy, the patient being so weak, pneumonia set in.  The hospital doctors refused Joubert’s recommendation to use mega-doses of Vitamin C for the pneumonia, in association with viscum album (European mistletoe) and other holistic techniques for the cancer. They preferred to inundate the patient with antibiotics, all of which wiped out his natural defenses and further weakened him. He died a horrible asphyxiating death that was avoidable had holistic medicine prevailed.

Personal Story with regard to Joubert’s Parents

Having witnessed conventional oncology’s deeply flawed approaches many times, Pr. Joubert tried to convince both his parents to treat their newly diagnosed malignancies (cancers) with holistic, and secondarily integrative oncology first, given conventional oncology’s toxic and potentially deadly effects as well as it’s built-in high recurrence rate.

However, both his parents (seen in the video above)  got convinced by  conventional oncologists that they needed to first accept the State’s recognized standards of care. This included radiotherapy, a plethora of cytotoxic drugs and other questionable medical procedures, all of which sapped their vital force and spurred cancer cells to become stronger and more resistant to treatment.

Within ten weeks of the cancer diagnosis, both proximately died from said treatments, despite their son’s efforts to educate the treating conventional oncologists, all of whom refused to use safer, cost-friendly and more efficient options these medical doctors characterized as “experimental” or “unproven”.

In both cases, Joubert filed multiple legal actions, including medical malpractice suits against conventional oncologists who seriously deviated from the standards of Science and ethics, to which were added legal actions (what is called “causes of action”) in legal malpractice, products liability and, inter alia (legal english for “among other elements”) constitutional law in both the State and the Federal Jurisdictions.  Multiple years were spent on litigation, including with the US supreme court.

While Joubert was able to argue, including with expert testimonies, before the jury the clinical and scientific superiority of holistic oncology over conventional oncology (on over a dozen scientific grounds purportedly (one of attorneys’ favorite jargon-word) derived from the scientific method, (based on the important Daubert precedent), while he won a few motions, the ultimate verdict was sad for the People’s wellbeing, crippling for Science and devastating for the rule of Fundamental Law.

During one of Joubert’s legal actions, an 8 days jury trial, the medical mistakes were proven with an overwhelming preponderance of the evidence, according to the rules of evidence and case-law, but Joubert’s med-mal case did not prosper.

During other legal actions, in particular with regard to a tobacco racketeering claim, this also was proven “beyond any reasonable doubt”, but the US Supreme Court Justices, (nominated for Life, according to outdated monarchical  norms) denied Joubert’s  petition for a writ of certiorari.

The reality of the American legal system (the one that governs medical practice and the People’s constitutionally protected “general welfare”) is this: When litigators like Joubert do not have the millions of dollars for aggressive litigation, nor the support of  mainstream prestigious law firms, the “rigged” legal system weeds out over 95 percent of med-mal cases, even if they have merit. How could they not, trial Judges are overburdened with thousands and thousands of filed cases each year, so their “survival” instinct is to dismiss and expedite, notwithstanding the basic principles that govern fairness, due diligence and ethics. In reality, it’s not only the medical system that is dysfunctional and foul, it’s also the Judiciary. Socrates over 2400 years ago had a keen story about how both these institutions (medicine and law) conspire to destroy the People’s freedom and wellbeing.

Thus, until all of these fronts are correctly addressed, cancer, chronic diseases and accelerated aging will not go away. And millions of families will also experience the suffering and premature deaths of their members, dying from avoidable circumstances and dysfunctional cancer treatments, often, in horrendous ways, like Joubert’s parents, who we see above in this short video clip.

Brief Lesson from Joubert’s Cancer Medmal Litigation

Every time I argue before a Jury or elsewhere that under holistic conditions, the body’s intelligence can recognize and clear cancer cells, i invoke supporting case studies that are legally characterized as “anecdotal evidence” and medically characterized  as “spontaneous regressions”.  For my Dad’s trial for example, in my 1000 pages Trial Brief, i had dozens of these case studies. I had also a line-up of real live cancer survivors, ten of them,  who were cured with  holistic medicine and ready to come to Court to testify. But the Judge refused to accept them as acceptable testimonies, invoking rules of evidence which the Judge interpreted in a reactionary way,  as most judges do, as they too (most not all) are brainwashed by the scientific reductionism of the Government’s official cancer orthodoxy medicine.

Because conventional oncology experts do not recognize holistic medicine,  and more often than not, most of these medical doctors are not interested in digging deep to understand the underlying mechanisms that explain cancer reversals, conventional oncologists generally don’t discuss the existance of these “spontaneous remissions” cures with their patient-clients. But at least they can’t deny the material fact that these cases exist.

We are not talking about something humans have never been known to do, and for which we have no proof. Like living 1000 years, or  growing wings and flying high. Until proof enters the courtroom for these types of  claims, the belief that a human can live 1000 years or can grow wings and fly is “unproven” and possibly delusional.

However, the belief that Jack, Maria and millions other cancer patient can reverse their cancers holistically, even advanced cancers, under the right conditions can not be characterized as a delusion because we have material proof that this phenomenon exist in practically all cancers. The ACR Institute has proof of over 9,000 cancer remissions. We have studied hundreds of them. And now, we believe we understand the underlying mechanisms that spur both carcinogenesis and micro-metastases, from which most cancer patients die (about 90 percent, the other 10 percent of cancer patients die from clots, infections, cardiovascular events, fear and medical negligence).

One example below of a gentlemen who had the same cancer as my father, Jack (See video above). This man denied all treatments and lived. The tumors regressed. My Dad accepted the conventional treatment and died a horrendous death within 6 weeks. End of Story. Below, one of thousands of other cases, published in a prestigious Journal.

“We report a case of a patient diagnosed with locally advanced non-small cell lung cancerThe patient declined potentially curative treatment, and did not receive any anti-cancer treatment. He has survived more than two years since his initial diagnosis, maintaining his good performance status. Serial imaging with computed tomography scans showed tumour regression and near-complete resolution of his disease. Spontaneous regression of non-small cell lung cancer, by virtue of its scarcity, has not been well-studied and is poorly understood. Further studies are required, in order to clarify the mechanisms by which spontaneous regression occurs, and possibly identify new targets for cancer treatment.” (Source)

In my med-mal actions, i had invoked this issue of “despair diagnosis” of conventional oncology to the attention of different Judges hoping they would grant me a specific “jury instruction” on this topic so that the Jury could better weigh the material (relevant) facts. But more often than not, Judges are clueless as to the devastating impact that these “despair” terminal diagnoses have on patients. And to make matters worse, there is and never has been anything “terminal” about any cancer diagnosis. We have recorded proof that all  types of advanced cancers have been reversed, including via “spontaneous regression”. And as we know or should know, “therapeutic hope” spurs the flow “vital energy”, another millennia-old concept conventional oncologists scoff at. The only “terminal” element about anything in today’s cancer-care is the dangerous and crippled conventional oncology system. Based on multiple false premises, on an abundance of hyped data and on persistant ignorance, conventional “evidence-based” oncology spreads the pseudo-science that cancer is suppose to be predominantly a genetic disease, because of which its tumors need to be wiped out asap with weapons of massive cellular destruction that kill everything in their passage, including the patient’s immune system that can recognize cancer cells and clear them.

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