This documentary is about reversing the cancer epidemic holistically and finding credible evidenced-based solutions for each cancer-stricken individual.  Over forty cancer experts and patients help us to identify what the future of medicine will look like, notably in terms of safe, cost friendly and efficient cancer protocols.


This documentary will equip you with the hard evidence that shows to what degree integrative and holistic oncology is clinically superior to the high-tech allopathic financially costly mainstream approach to cancer. The documentary’s senior scientist will also show the viewer that holistic oncology is not only more efficient than most of today’s cancer standards of care, but also less expensive and safer than the government’s sanctioned approach. The film’s narrator will methodically unmask the conventional system’s flaws and conclude on the need for a new medical paradigm.


Nothwithstanding some improvement with conventional cancer research and practice, the general incidence of cancer keeps on growing exponentially while many diagnosed cancers come back after the five years’ “remission” period, all of which tends to be very costly and stressful. We therefore need to better understand this challenge and offer realistic solutions.


The starting point of this Documentary dates back many years ago, when Pr. Joubert, the documentary-maker, was working as a journalist at the Sud Ouest newspaper (Bordeaux’s major paper).  During this time, a little before he was to go Medical School in Paris, he was contacted by the Editor in Chief of the Boston Globe who wrote to him asking to investigate the Antoine Prioré  electro-magnetic cancer machine which had shown unexplained cancer remissions in many animals.

Having befriended Prioré at his home and fully covered Prioré’s cancer discovery story, (1), thereafter, Joubert went to  mainstream allopathic Medicine School in Paris,  after which he got trained in clinical nutrition at the Cnam, naturopathy in South France and three years of Chinese Medicine at the French “Ecole Française d’Acupuncture”. (2). Acupuncture being based on micro-current energy (electro-medicine)  further sparked Christian’s interest for cancer. (3) After Joubert’s  parents moved from France to a cloudy area in the United States, (4) both contracted cancer.

Indoctrinated to first exhaust conventional oncology options before considering alternative and innovative holistic protocols, they both died from allopathic cancer treatments within a few weeks of the original diagnosis. Legal action ensued. Among other proceedings, a nine days jury trial followed. Christian’s legal efforts to contribute in changing the cancer standards of care is one of the HOM documentary’s highlights. (5)

Personal Story with regard to Joubert’s parents & Cancer Praxis

Having witnessed conventional oncology’s deeply flawed and lethal approachs, Kristi Joubert tried to convince both his parents to reverse their advanced cancers with holistic, and secondarily integrative oncology first, given conventional oncology’s toxic and deadly effects. Both his parents got convinced by the conventional oncologists to first try the State recognized standards of care, if only because they were financed by the system.  This included radiotherapy, a plethora of drugs and other questionable medical procedures. Both proximately died from said treatments less than ten weeks after the diagnoses, despite their son’s efforts to educate his parents’ medical doctors. In both cases, Joubert filed legal actions, including medical malpractice and product liability suits. Multiple years were spent on personal litigation and jury trial work, including with the US supreme court.

While Joubert was able to argue before the jury and the judge the clinical superiority of holistic oncology over conventional oncology (on over a dozen grounds), while he won a few motions, the ultimate verdict was that most of the conventional legal system was as incompetent and corrupt as most of the conventional medical system.

The medical mistakes were proven with an overwhelming preponderance of the evidence, but Joubert’s cases  did not prosper. One of the causes of action was tobacco racketeering (as Joubert’s father had been an ex smoker), this also was proven beyond any reasonable doubt, but not even the US Supreme Court wanted to review his writ of certiorari.  When litigators like Joubert do not have the millions of dollars, nor the support of a mainstream law firm, the system is designed to weed out med-mal cases, even if they have merit. A book was written about this tragedy, but it has not been published.


Since his years in Medical School, Christian has met  thousands of alternative and-or innovative doctors and patients, gone to hundreds of functional, integrative and holistic medicine symposia,  he has visited dozens of cancer clinics, talked to many cancer patients, looked at their lab results, examined medical records, analyzed hundreds of studies and books as well as helped many patients to get better educated so that they could take responsibility for their own healing journey. The conclusion is inescapable. Cancer is being  successfully reversed holistically without the use of violent therapies that tend to weaken the patient’s vitality and make the outcome worse.


After having been a professor of public law in both France and the United States for over ten years (ie, a skill that helps to  ascertain the materiality of medical claims) as well as an organic  farmer and naturopath, today,  Christian is all the more  motivated by the ripened and substantiated belief that the missing element in the public health arena is less hard evidence that much of holistic,  integrative & innovative medicine can reverse most chronic diseases in general and cancer in particular than the public awareness that this is so. Hence the “raison d’être” of this Documentary.

The film-maker also feels that with the right combination of education, litigation and legislation, over 90 percent of the projected “new” chronic diseases and cancer  diagnoses, what is called “incidence”, can be prevented within two to four years, while those who have an ongoing cancer can reverse it equally by over 90 percent. He has argued  these two evidenced-based claims before Courts, in the European Parliament process in 2003  and during Washington State’s  last two Gubernatorial contests.


Today, almost everyone knows someone close who has been hit with a cancer diagnosis. This cancer epidemic keeps on getting worse. During Nixon’s “War against Cancer” time, one in ten Americans got a cancer diagnosis. Thirty years ago, one in four Americans. Today, the figure is close to one in two. And tomorrow, the incidence will be worse.

After having exhausted court procedures from 2001 to 2012 to try to get Courts of Law to recognize the need to change standards of care,  including at the U.S. Supreme Court via a writ of certiorari,  in 2012, Christian started to interview innovative oncologists for a documentary that could address the highest court of the land, the Court of public opinion. It is in this perspective that the HOM documentary’s “Hope” message and it’s accompanying book can be useful.

 (1). Christian realized how much the subject of cancer was connected to scientific reductionism, dogma, corporate interests, health fraud, People’s fears, doctors’ flaws, human misunderstanding and the old cartesian “first doubt and refute” attitude. Despite much support for this “cancer machine”, from General De Gaulle’s daughter, prominent physicians and politicians,  it’s ongoing findings via human trials were eventually discountinued.
(2) France’s main acupuncture training center and school is the Ecole française d’Acupuncture. It is based on Soulié de Morant’s translation work earlier in the 20th century, thanks to which the French Government decided to recognize this medicine so that the French People would get full and equal free access to acupuncture from 1944-5 to this day.
 (3). During Christian’s mandate to  examine the evidence of many credible “cancer reversal” claims, he came across different therapists,  health practitioners, medical doctors and oncologists who claimed that not only pulsed electro-magnetic energy (e.g. “pemf”), but also  milli-current (“tens” machine), micro-current (“mens” machines), pico-current (i.e., measured in the trillionth of an ampere, see the Nobel Prize on this discovery via our blog post) and other frequencies (ef, Tesla, Lakowsky, Rife, Becker , Tennant and others),  all had a favorable impact on the reversal of  cancer’s malignant invasiveness. In this perspective,  a few health practitioners even claimed that pico-current, electro-acupuncture and other frequencies can  shrink tumors, including in assisting the body with pain management, systemic inflammation and immune deficiency. See also via the blog-post some of the evidence on electro-medicine-based brain cancer reversals, including the videod testimony of a  happy French-speaking brain cancer survivor wearing an “electro-hat” that helped to create the right frequency field for his brain tumor so that the malignancy would go into apoptosis (cell death).
 (4). Cancer maps show that the prevalence of cancer is greater in cloudy areas and above the 38th parallel. Not only is there less vitamin D absorption in these areas, but the P 53 gene, whch produces tumor suppressing proteins, is not as well upregulated when there is a deficiency of Sun light.
(5). Since many alternative oncology claims are just as “unproven” and “disproven” as many  allopathic claims, both of which tend to be motivated by the money, the thirst for  power, the dogma of the day and the “recognition” drive, Christian has focused on finding hard and compelling evidence that supports  integrative and holistic oncology’s scientific validity, of which electro-medicine is necessarily part, among many other complementary approaches. However, where conventional oncology has had success, Christian shows this, thus making this documetary an unbiased one.
For the documentary-maker’s bio, click here.
Radio presentation of the HOM documentary with Voice America, organized by Gordon Atherly (MD and attorney)   (2015)
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