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Broccoli and Malignancy

There is a saying that contrarily to  cabbages,  broccolis went to grad school.  Along the way, they picked up quite a baggage of therapeutic punch, including but not limited to anti-cancer phyto nutrients. Nutritional science evidenced  that broccoli veggies are

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Two studies link pesticide exposure and foreign-born mothers to autism. One JAMA published Swedish study shows that folic acid can help to address this problem. But then there’s a cancer issue. Therefore, according to the best available evidence and strong science, natural folates from green vegetables are best to address neural tube defects, autism and cancer.

Autism spectrum disorders triggers developmental disabilities that can cause social, communication and behavioral difficulties. About 1 in 68 U.S. children have an autism spectrum disorder, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). A Ritz study found

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For prostate cancer, anti-angiogenic foods make sense

In this blog-article, I will first clarify different aspects of malignant angiogenesis (Section A) and conclude with some evidence on how the simple tomato can be beneficial with regards to angiogenic modulation, in particuler concerning prostate cancer. (Section B) Section

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Ten years later, allopathic oncologists still do not address CTC and metastasis pathways

It’s been over to ten years that mainstream science discovered one of cancer’s mechanisms for spreading  from a primary site to other distant places in the body. Yet, contrarily to integrative and holistic oncology,  most metastasis pathways are not addressed

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Any relationship between double helix water and micro-currents ? And if yes, can this holistic technique benefit the cancer patient ?

During our investigative medical journalism, we have come across a physicist and health professionals who claim that double helix water can be beneficial for cancer patient, that drinking double-helix water could allow cellular repair enhancement by bypassing blocked “chi” energy.

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Surgical removal of tumors can both heal and spread metastases

The surgical removal of  primary tumors is the main standard of care for most cancers, especially for the solid cancers. From the point of view of holistic oncology and science this approach has been a mistake.  The “cut it out”

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One of the keys to cancer reversibility is the dendritic immune surveillance cell. Nobel prize researchers confirm:

Just like cigarettes are “nicotine” delivery systems, dendritic cells (DCs) are antigen delivery cells. After  decades of research, it is now clear that DCs are at the center of the immune system, given their ability to control both immune tolerance

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The evidence confirms the use of cell phones promotes brain cancer

This study didn’t examine if  earphones can significantly attenuate the cell’s emf, other studies have shown that an earphone apparatus is not the solution because the emf can climb up the wires and still zap the brain. The best route

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The Tumor’s micro-environment is key

Diseases’ micro-environments have recently been heralded as key in the struggle to restore homeostasis and health. See this TED talk for the evidence. In this perspective, Antoine Béchamps, Henri Laborit, Claude Bernard, among others, have all emphasized the importance of

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Video on cancer’s mitotic spindling process being impeded thanks to Field Energy

Electrical Fields affect cancer’s mitotic spindling process.  In this video-ed testimony, we actually see cancer cells implode and going into apoptosis as a result of a precise electrical field frequency  gently beaming in their micro-environment. Field energy is not new

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Breaking news in cancer research and in the cancer epidemic reversal process

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